Wednesday, July 9, 2014


It's fitting to begin with thanks...

When I pulled up my horoscope last week at, I knew that my first post on my brand new blog had to be expression of gratitude.  Here's what the site's creator, astrologer Rob Brezsny, has to say.
In the last two decades, seven Academy Award winners have given thanks to God while accepting their Oscars. By contrast, 30 winners have expressed their gratitude to film studio executive Harvey Weinstein. Who would you acknowledge as essential to your success, Libra? What generous souls, loving animals, departed helpers, and spiritual beings have contributed to your ability to thrive? Now is an excellent time to make a big deal out of expressing your appreciation. For mysterious reasons, doing so will enhance your luck and increase your chances for future success. 

Well, every bit of luck helps, and I certainly do want to be successful in this new endeavor... so here it goes...

Every morning I wake, slide groggily out of bed and glance at the reflection of my rumbled mane in a nearby mirror.  Every morning I open the blinds to the window that looks out over the pond.  I look further, across to the pasture where my horses graze.  Every morning, I offer up prayers gratitude for my beautiful haven and for everyone connected to it.

I am blessed beyond imagination to be here.  I am blessed by my immediate family and family of friends; by all of the animals who have come and gone in my life, each offering its own lesson; by the wild things and the land, for which I am a constant steward.

I am grateful most of all for the Old Ones, my Ancestors, who set my feet on this Path.  They lived so that I may live, and I work every day to make them proud.  I am thankful for their guidance, even when I don't understand the directions in which they nudge me.  I am awed and humbled in their presence. I lay at their feet and surrender to their higher wisdom, knowing that they are always with me, that I am always loved.

Fortune sides with she who dares.  I dare in gratitude to begin again, here and now.

I encourage you to share your gratitudes.  I welcome your comments with the directive that, no matter what topic I post, we all play nice, with respect for dissent should we disagree.  Let's make this about us.  Let's see what happens.

Let it begin...

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  1. Beautiful words. Beautiful friend. I'm very grateful for you. <3