Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Rim of the World

The Rim of the World

    for Jeanice Darling

At times, in the expanse of our years,
each of us must flee
to the Rim of the World.
For solitude.  For perspective.
Our Holy Spirits detached,
gazing from a distance into the dancing waters 
in the Well of Humanity…
listening to the keening chaotic hum of Life.

In necessary isolation, we shatter and re-integrate
in spiraling waves.


Coming into alignment … into integrity…
into the wholeness of Being.

But, oh my dearest loves…
the work of the world inevitably
calls us back
into its magnificent messiness.
Into the joyous confusion of unfolding:
Life and Death and Rebirth.

You’ll have to come back eventually.

But not today.
Take your time.
You have time.
Breathe alone into the vastness
at the Rim of the World.
Mend the internal rifts.

And when you’re ready,
rejoin the Dance.
The rest of us are here.

We’ll always be here to welcome you back.

Nora Place Morbeck